Sports Hydration Pack - 2 liters

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  • SUPERIOR ADVENTURING - At Embrava, we embrace the idea of the untethered free spirit, which is why our hydration bladder pack is made of superior ripstop nylon that’s lightweight and waterproof. It also includes reflective straps on the front for low-light visibility, additional storage for a rain jacket on the inside, and a small pocket for keys, smartphones or wallets.
  • EXTENDED COMFORT WEAR - When you’re working hard and sweat is pouring down your back, you can’t deal with chaffing or excess heats. That’s why hydration backpack is not only breathable, it offers an ergonomic, adjustable design to match your natural body shape with straps at the perfect chest and waist height for security and stability.
  • CRISPER, FRESHER WATER - The entire point of a hydration pack is clean, fresh, accessible water, which is why the Embrava holds two full liters of insulated water in the backpack and the drinking hose. This keeps water temperatures colder, longer, making it more refreshing for consumption.
  • HYDRATION BONUS- Each outdoor pack comes with a free copy of our "Hydration for Athletes" guide, which includes comprehensive information on how to stay properly hydrated and to reach peak physical performance. As water is the single most important thing we put in our bodies, this is essential reading!
  • RELIABLE GUARANTEE - We care about your choice for products because you have a large selection. That’s why all Embrava products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason our product doesn't meet your standards, just send it back our way for a replacement or a full refund.

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